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Sharon Kaye Reese 1962-2013

Today, March 11, 2013, my beloved sister, Sharon, lost her battle and passed away at 11 this morning.  She was 13 years younger and my only sister.  I love this photo of her as she was so relaxed and happy to be together.  It was taken in 1981, so many years ago, when we were both healthier and happy.  My 5 brothers, her husband, all of her extended family, friends,  and particularly me, mourn her loss.  She fought for so very long.  12 years ago the doctors told her she had 6 months left... boy were they wrong!!  My faith assures me that she is finally in a better place and no longer in pain.  

So goodnight, sweet sister, save a place for me next to you.


     This is a complete site for paso fino horses, Paso Finos books, and  pasofino information including, 150 pages of paso fino horse photographs with photographs of geldings, stallions, colts, mares, and fillies for show and trail. Each horse for sale has his own individual page to give you pedigrees, photographs, videos, prices and other paso fino information. Whether you want trail pasos, show paso finos, or breeding, you are in the right place.

     There are so many horses for sale that you will not believe it!  So if you are ready to buy a Paso Fino horse now, or are looking for the future, take your time and look through all of the pages.  Whatever color you are looking for, from palomino, pinto, black, bay, chestnut, gray, and dun, there are a lot to choose from.  Do you like them small at 13 hands or big at 15 hands, you are bound to find some here and everything in between.  Is it Classic Fino that excites you or breathtaking Performance, or easy going Pleasure and Trail horses?  We have them all for you to choose from.

     You will find video links for many of the horses on this site, so that you can see so many of them in action.  Just go to the ones that have video or dvd links listed right on their pages.

     Have fun and enjoy Paradise Paso Finos, a website for you!



Paso Fino Books For Sale
  I wrote these  Paso Fino "how to books"  to help inform you and help answer those questions that you want to know but everyone assumes you already know.  Click on the cover and see a synopsis of the contents of the different volumes.  
Jennie Williams of Paradise Paso Finos
Paso Fino Horses For Sale 

             In the left margin of every page you will find a list of buttons and photos to direct you to more information.  

         The Paso Fino horses for sale pages change often and are updated regularly.  Usually, if a horse is available now, he or she is still on the various pages.  I try to take horses off the pages as soon as they are sold so that you always know what is available for purchase NOW.  See current videos for a lot of the for sale horses.

Help Me Find the Right Paso Fino Horse For Me

                  If you don't find what you are looking for in the sale pages, or just aren't sure what is best, you can fill out this form and send it off to me for my advice and help in finding the right horse for you.  I am dedicated to helping you in your search for information and horses.  I specialize in matching the right horse to the right rider for the right fit. 

 Browse Leisurely and Look for Paso Information

             Feel free to browse through this complete Paso Fino information site at your leisure.  The Paso Fino horse is unlike any other gaited horse in the equine world.   I welcome you to the marvelous world of Paso Fino Horses.

             I have written several pertinent pages for the new horse buyer to read and determine if a Paso Fino is truly the horse for your needs.  

             If you want to read these articles, just click on the "Want More Info" button on the left of this page.


 Learn More about Me and Paradise 

              I try very hard to match the right rider to the right horse for the right fit.  I am always open to questions about Pasos in general and about our horses specifically.  And yes, I do answer my emails regularly, as I maintain my own website and do not have to go through a webmaster.  Let me help you find that Paso Fino horse for sale that fits you.

           For those of you that are wondering where in the world Jennie is right now, I am currently living in Stone Mountain, GA.  I spend a lot of time going from place to place and visiting all parts of the country.   In 2005, it was 6000 miles and 16 states across Colorado and the upper Midwest.  What a lovely trip that was.  Who knows which part of the country is next.  

 A Treat for all of us in America

          For the other patriots out there, here is our anthem sung the way it should be.  Watch this video, it is worth it.

 Photos Take Time to Load

              Since there are so many graphics and photos on this site, pages may take a little time to load.  If you will be patient, you will find a lot of pictures of Paso Fino horses for sale to look at.  They have all been optimized, however, some take longer to load than others.  Videos take even longer, so take your time and enjoy the movies.


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