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JANUARY 2000 !!

Can You Believe It?

By Jennie Williams

      Well, here we are in the new millennium. Contrary to many people's fears, we are still alive and well and the world didn't end. Thank Goodness. I didn't prepare anything, and I would have really had egg on my face, if everything had shut down. It wasn't apathy that prevented any prep, just belief in our technology, our people and our country. Having lived all over the world, been to 50 United States, 27 foreign countries, and spoken 5 languages in my lifetime, I have seen a lot. Even with the problems in the world today, I still believe in the inherent goodness and intelligence of God's creatures.

      We as a species have lived through famine, plague, war, peace, prosperity, and depression. What is it about some people that makes them fearful of any new time or place? Is it the media that we rely on who thrive on the worst of times, the worst of behavior, and the worst of mankind that rule our thoughts and our actions. It is true that the past had many kinder, gentler times, but it also had some far more brutal times than we ever thought of living through. We woe the violence, the heartache, the lack of sleep, and anything else that we can dwell on that seems terrible in our lives. I believe that is conditioning, or brainwashing, if you want to take it one step further. If our media touted the good things that are happening, then perhaps we would be more positive in our outlooks. But then the networks wouldn't get those ratings if all were peachy keen and rosy. Would they?

      Perhaps in this brand new year, brand new century, and brand new millennium, we should take a minute to be thankful for what we do have. There are so many things for which we each could count our blessings. Not the least of which are standing in our barns, our backyards, and our pastures. Paso Finos are not cheap horses. Can we not be thankful that we all have been given the opportunity, to even have these wonderful creatures in our lives. They give so much to our families, to ourselves, and to our happiness. That we are prosperous enough to be able to afford them, much less be able to enjoy them, is a blessing.

      According to a man I know, there would be no more violence in this world if every man just owned a tractor. What a novel idea!! He says there is nothing like taking your frustrations out on the weeds and briars in a pasture, for venting. I have found that there is nothing like getting on the back of a horse for sheer peace in the world. I can be so stressed, or tired, or just plain peeved at the world, and as little as 30 minutes on the back of a horse can soothe those feeling right out the door. Maybe the answer to our problems in today's world is a little in the past.

     Getting back to nature, to horses, to farming, however small an operation you may have gives a daily purpose to our lives, no matter what the technological advances we may possess. Therapeutic riding has been proven in physically challenged kids. Why not for societally challenged adults who are stuck in this materialistic world? Can we all not benefit from the peace and harmony of the herd, and join our horses in their acceptance of that which is around us, the support of the herd, and the camaraderie of friends and family. If there were more people in the world who tried to please others as much as our horses try to please us, it would be a nicer place to be. It is something to think about and maybe to act upon. Try it, you might be surprised.