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Listing a Horse on 
Paradise Paso Finos Site

     I list horses on this site as consignments.  That means that we enter into an agreement where I advertise your horse on this site and talk to potential buyers about your horse.  If the potential buyer is interested enough, then I will pass that person on to you, the horse owner.  You set up appointments to show the horse and actually make the sale.  I am available to you as a facilitator or broker.  I can help in negotiations, contracts, etc, to make the sale easier.  

Sales Commission

The 10% sales commission is your responsibility, not the Buyer's.  It cannot be added on to the price that you have advertised on the site.  

1.  If your horse sells to the buyer that I have sent, or any other horse on your property that is not listed on the site sells to this buyer, then you owe a 10% sales commission based on the final purchase price of the horse that actually sells.  

2.  If the buyer brings a friend with him and the friend buys any horse on your property, then you still owe me the commission.  

3.  If you send the client to another farm that is not listed with me, you are still responsible for the commission if that horse sells.  You need to stay within my network with buyers that I send to you, not send them outside of the network unless you are prepared to pay a commission on someone else's sale.

4.  If you accept a trade, you are still responsible for the full sales commission to me.  

5.  If you collect a non-refundable deposit, and the sale falls through, you still owe me 10% of that deposit as those are monies collected on the sale of the horse.  

     There is a $25 fee to list the horse on the site.  There is an additional $25 fee if you want video on the site.  This is to cover my time to list the horse. You can pay using the button at the bottom of this page.  When you actually list the horse with me, you are entering into a contract to sell the horse.  You must be the legitimate owner of the horse and be willing to sell it for the price that you have stated on the site.  You agree not to advertise it at a different price on any other site or medium.  This promotes trust with the buyer.  If he or she sees a horse advertised in one place for one price, and another place for higher or lower, it sends the wrong message to that buyer.  Honesty is a very big deal to me, and everything has to be on the up and up.  You can withdraw the horse at any time, however, if it sells to a buyer that I have sent at a later time, then you still owe me the commission.  I reserve the right to remove a listing from the site for any reason.  

     If this is agreeable to you, then fill in the following form, and follow the five steps listed below.  I know it looks like a lot, but it really isn't.  It won't take much time to fill in and do what needs to be done to list your horse.  The more you tell, the more interest there will be.

Step One:  Fill in ALL form fields.
My Name is   
            Call me at   
Another phone #:   
My Email address:  
          Home address:  
City, State, & Zip:  
About My Horse:
Horse's Name: 
Horse's Nickname:  
Asking Price:   
Negotiable or Firm:  
Date of Birth:  
 PFHA Registration #:  
Location of Horse:  
Color now:  

Height is a big issue with a lot of buyers, so don't estimate this one.  If you don't know, then get out the tape measure and measure the horse from the ground to the highest part of his withers (the bony protrusion between the neck and the back).  Stand him on the concrete, lift his head up, and then measure on the downhill side of the horse.  If you only know inches, then enter the number of inches  and label it as inches. 


You may make multiple selections in the fields below by holding down the CTRL button.    


My horse will:  

Choose ALL that apply, hold down the Ctrl button 

The more you tell about your horse, the more interest there will be in him.  The more honest you are about his problems, the fewer non-buyers you will have to deal with.  I believe in full disclosure before a person takes a horse home.  Law suits are VERY expensive.  

Many of these are either or choices so hold down the CTRL button and click on all that are appropriate to your horse.






Medical: (REQUIRED)

Be VERY honest...  My horse can be ridden by: 
(Choose the lowest level of rider for this horse)      


     Now tell me the really good things and the not so good things.  What makes this horse special to you?  Does he like or dislike people? other horses? farrier? vet? worming and meds? treats? grooming? children?  you name it.  Has he won anything or produced anything of note.  Why are you selling this horse?  Tell all.... a buyer is going to ask all of the above questions, so be ready.  Remember... the more you tell, the more interested buyers.

  Additional comments:

I have some used tack that I would like to sell:


     If you have equipment to sell, then please describe it in detail in the box below.  I need to know the following on each item that you want to sell:  what type, make, seat size, color, age, condition, included accessories, and the price you want for each item.  The 10% commission applies to all items listed on the site, including all tack.  

Tack Descriptions:


The following terms apply when listing a horse on this site:

1.  I am the lawful owner of this horse or item, and am willingly putting it on this site for sale at my request, and am ready and willing to sell this horse.  
2.  I agree that the owner of this site, Jennie Williams, shall receive the agreed upon 10% of any and all monies received for this horse,  if this horse or item sells to a buyer sent by Mrs. Williams, whether the horse or item is actually listed on the site or not.  If I send the buyer to another farm, and they buy, then I understand that I am responsible for that sales commission.
3.  I further agree to inform Mrs. Williams of the sale immediately in order to keep the site current.  
4.  I understand that I have the right to withdraw this horse if there are currently no potential buyers looking at the horse.  
5.  If I sell the horse to a buyer sent by Mrs. Williams after I withdraw the horse, I am still responsible for paying her the commission.  
6.  If I choose not to sell this horse to a buyer who is ready and willing to pay for the horse, then I owe a 10% commission to Mrs. Williams, whether the horse sells or not.  
7.  I agree to pay the commission fee to Mrs. Williams within 7 days of receipt of payment for this horse.  
8.  I further agree that any photos that I send to Mrs. Williams become public property, and give her permission to use any and all in any manner she chooses for no charge.  
9.  There is a $25 flat fee per horse to list a horse on the site.  This is to cover the cost and time of preparing the listing and the photos and posting it on the site.  
Adding video is an additional $25 per horse. 
11.  Mrs. Williams has the right to use any and all photos and videos that I send in any manner that she deems appropriate on this site, whether for current sales or future sales of the same horse, and/or for decoration of the site.   
12.  By clicking this Submit button, I fully understand that I am entering in to a legally binding contract.  


Be sure to push the Submit Button Here before going on to  Step 2



Step Two:  Talk & Pay

Call me and let's chat about things.  


(Call me after noon EST, as I work all night and sleep in the morning.)  

     This one is critical, as I won't list a horse on the site without talking to you directly.  If you are ready to list your horse, you can pay by Paypal below without having a Paypal account.  Paypal accepts all major credit cards.   

     You must pay for each horse individually to allow me to keep records for each horse.  Fill in the name of the horse in the blank space.  

     If you want a short 1 to 2 minute video available from the site then pay below on the Add a Video button.  More people look at horses that have online video.  


List This Horse Payment
Add Video For This Horse
Step Three:  Scan and email a copy of PFHA papers to me.

Step Four:  Email several GOOD photos of the horse  and/or tack items to

     A good photo is one that you can actually see the horse.  Remember you are selling the horse, not the rider!  So don't cut the feet off the horse in order to get the person in the frame.  Try to get one or two from each side and then from a 3/4 angle off the shoulder.  

It is a good idea to get some under saddle, in gait and then without a saddle.  If this horse is great with kids, then by all means put children on it for the photos.  If he goes through water... put him in the water.  Remember, this is what a buyer is going to look at first before he ever reads anything about your horse.  

If the photo is dark or doesn't look good, then guess what.... no one is going to look at your horse.  This step is critical to a good sale.  Make sure you groom your horse and clip him before you take the photos.  Make him look as good as you can for the photos.  So take your time on this one and do the best you can.  If you email, send them in .jpg format.  If you are on aol, then send them one photo per email, as aol compresses photos into a file that I can't open.

     If you are computer challenged, you can mail them to the address below.  I do not return photos, so make sure you are sending copies of ones you want to keep.  You can also put all the photos on a CD in .jpg format, and send the CD to me.  Wal-Mart and others do great downloads to CDs.

Step Five:  Video of this horse
     The first thing a potential buyer off the internet is going to ask for if he or she is really interested in seeing your horse is a video tape of him.  If your buyer is not local, then they need to see the horse in action before they will commit to coming so far to buy the horse.  

     As critical as good photos are to catch the first interest, this is the place to show off the best points of your horse.  Shoot several short videos... no more than 2 minutes each!! 

Tape one for ground manners, grooming, tacking up.  Tape one of  mounting and dismounting, walk, corto, largo, backing up, reversing. Tape one going through water if you can or putting children on your horse.  If you have a trailer, and he loads well, then tape a short video of him loading.   A good video can sell a horse without a visit from the buyer.  They just like the video, buy the horse, and ship it.  It has happened.  

     So if you don't own a video camera, borrow or rent one for an afternoon.  Take the time to groom your horse and get him looking as good as you can.  

     I can list the horse without this immediately, but remember, no video, no potential buyer that lives more than 50 miles away from you, so if you want that national market, videos are critical.

     Please do not send original papers or photos that you need returned.  Make copies of everything as I cannot return anything.  You are giving me the unconditional right to use the photos and videos for current or future sales on this horse and to augment the site in any way I choose.

     Mail video and any other copy of papers and photos that you can't send electronically to: 

          Jennie Williams
            P.O. Box 830784
            Stone Mountain, GA 30083