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Specializing in Web Sites that have 

~artistic appeal, 
~marketing success, 
technical applications, 

I offer to you:

Sites designed to your needs Custom Banners and Logos
Light or Dark backgrounds Custom Buttons
Photo backgrounds Animations
Custom designed backgrounds One  or 100 pages, it's up to you

 With so many options available to you, you can have a truly unique web site that distinguishes your farm or business from all others on the internet.

On-Line Store Domain Name Registration
Information Site Web Hosting Arrangements
Sales Site Submission Company
Service Site


  I charge reasonable hourly rates for all services.  Feel free to call and chat with me about your special needs. 

I also offer on-site photography and consultation services 
for an additional fee.

For additional, more in-depth information about websites, follow the link below to my website building site.  When you want to return to this site, just go to the Links page on the Website Design site and come back.  It is very easy.

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