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       This guide to buying and owning your first Paso Fino fills in all of the gaps that no one tells you because they assume you already know it.  With 180 pages and 40 chapters of useful information, you will find extensive information about Paso Finos and what is different about them from other horses.  

     Written in a style that is easy to understand with lots of illustrations and photos, anyone can "get it" with this book.  It takes you from the ins and outs of buying through all of the info you need to own a Paso Fino.  

     This book has a great deal of information about all aspects of Paso Fino purchase and ownership.  It starts from step one and continues on.  If you are new to horses or just new to Paso Finos, I make no assumptions about how much you already know.  I tried to make this a step by step book, leaving very little out, in its most pure form.  For those of you who know nothing, this book is going to explain it in a way that you can understand and feel comfortable about what you are learning.  If you are just new to Pasos, some of the horse information will just be a review to you, and will reinforce what you already know, with the differences needed to apply the information to a Paso Fino.  


     In many cases, I have step by step photos to instruct you on exactly what to do next.  I don't say "just put it on", I tell you in detail with pictures, "this is how you do it".  This applies to many chapters.  If you want to learn about the Paso Fino horse, the gait, the tack, and the seat you need to ride, you are in the right place.  The following chapters are in this book.  I hope you enjoy it.

1.   So You Want to Own a Horse?
2.   The Paso Fino -- A Horse for All Seasons
3.   Evaluating yourself as a rider before you buy.
4.   Determining your specific needs in a horse.
5.   Price Tags and what to expect.
6.   Categorizing the Paso Fino.
7.   Questions to ask before you buy.
8.   Prepurchase Exams.
9.   Final list of expenses in buying a Paso.
10.  What to expect in the first days.
11.  Herd dynamics and pecking orders.
12.  Basic equine psychology -- why they do what they do.
13.  Short course on Paso Fino gaits.
14.  The passing of a Kindred Spirit.
15.  Equine insurance needs.
16.  The truth about trailers.
17.  Barns and Cross-ties.
18.  Basic Barn Designs.
19.  Riding Arena Layouts.
20.  Round Pen Layouts.
21.  Paso Fino Nutrition (It is different from other horses)
22.  Colic and Founder.
23.  Regularly scheduled services that are needed.
24.  A guide to the tack and feed store.
25.  Equine first aid.
26.  Feet and angles and a good farrier.
27.  Grooming and maintenance.
28.  To Breed or not to breed.
29.  Paso Tack -- Instant Sticker Shock!
30.  Help with Jaquimas (How to put them on and what the pieces are).
31.  Securing a three-quarter rigging.
32.  Bits, bosals, and barbadas.
33.  Parts of a Paso Fino
34.  Riding at last!
35.  Breaking those old habits (How to get the correct Paso Fino seat in the saddle).
36.  Trail Riding with you Paso.
37.  Trail Riding with Skip Knapp, certified wilderness guide.
38.  Showing can be highly addictive.
39.  Shows -- The rest of the story.
40.  About the Author and Paradise Paso Finos.

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