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     The Paso Fino Handbook II is a continuation of the first Paso Fino Handbook.  With 150 pages of very Paso Fino specific information this book picks up where the first one left off.  

     It is an in-depth look at more of the equipment that you may need and the behaviors that may need correcting over time as you and your Paso Fino horse learn together.  Again, this is a "how to" book.    

     For the new Paso Fino horse owner, both of these books will be of great help to you.  

     This second installment in the Paso Fino Handbook series is much more in depth about very specific Paso Fino needs.  As you ride more and more, if you are not aware of your cues, then your Paso may start to slide a bit.  Are you noticing a change in his gait or behavior?  If so, it usually what you are telling your horse to do or not do, rather than his lack of training.  Remember, a Paso Fino really wants and tries his best to please you. 


                     1.  You Had a Dream
                     2.  The All Important Gait
                     3.  Flexing and Lunging
                     4.  Paso Fino Headgear
                     5.  Bosals and Barbadas
                     6.  The Paso Fino Bit
                     7.  Reins and Your Hands
                     8.  The Tail Keeper
                     9.  Maintaining Manners
                    10.  The Paso Fino Mare
                    11.  Stall Vices
                    12.  Barn Manners
                    13.  Ground Manners
                    14.  Mounting
                    15.  Riding
                    16.  Cantering
                    17.  Horse's Vital Statistics
                    18.  About the Author

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