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Jennie Williams


     From the first time I stepped into the saddle, back in Colorado, at the local pony rides at five years old, I have been fascinated by the horse.  Throughout the ensuing years of owning and caring for horses, I have had that unexplainable need to share my life with horses.  You all know what that need is, it is far more than a want, and it lasts with you till you pass on.  Perhaps, heaven is running wild with the favorite horses that you have known, loved, and lost in your lifetime.  I hope so.  

    This is me and my old pal Rags, way back in the summer of 1962, I was 13 at the time, when I was getting ready to ride in the Pike's Peak or Bust Rodeo and Parade in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  
      It is funny how the need for a horse lives with you always.  From the time I was 5 years old horses were a NEED in me and it still is so many years later.

       Combining a lifelong dream of writing books and loving horses, this site and these publications are a testament to over 50 years with horses.  The knowledge was gained by hook or crook, and by slogging away, day after day, just to have the indescribable joy of a being with a horse. 

     Pasos came into my life in an interesting way.  I had a Morgan, a Tennessee Walker, Quarter Horses, and Quarter Horse Morgan crosses.  I had a variety of breeds over the years, and had never settled on what really appealed to me.  I had never before met a breed that had everything that I was looking for in a horse.  Of course, I had met special horses in every breed, but not on the scale of the Paso Fino.  I was unfortunate in having a number of joint surgeries and found myself unable to ride even my adored Morgan.  I could ride about 15 minutes and would pay for it for several days of being crippled up.  I went to visit a farm here in Georgia, and had the opportunity to see my first Paso.  A very sweet 13.2 hand gelding was brought out for me to try.  Being used to riding nothing less than 15 hand horses,  The person with  me  told the owner that he didn't want to hurt her pony by riding something so little.  She just smiled a knowing smile at him and insisted that he at least try the gelding out.  He rode him up and down the hills with enormous ease.  He came back to me and told me that I would have to ride this horse.  The pony had miraculously become a horse.  I rode him for 15 minutes, and was sold forever.  We got in the truck, looked at each other, and decided on the spot that it was to be Paso Finos from then on.  And so has been. 

The new owners of Paradise horses are currently training them for a variety of different disciplines.  I have a client who has purchased two Pasos from me who is training both of them for the polo arena.  He states that he has never had a horse of any breed that could turn so quickly with great agility and brains.    I have a police officer who is training his Paso Fino for the mounted patrol units for crowd control and patrolling.   One of my clients is a 35-year veteran of Quarter Horses and is an instructor in roping and Western Performance.  He is now the proud owner of two Pasos and is training them for extended trail rides.  I have a client who is using her Pasos for cattle drives in the mountains and plains and another who is team penning with her Paso.  

I have clients who, like me, are physically challenged in many ways that run the gamut from degenerative arthritis in the back and hips to my many joint surgeries.  Those of us in the physically challenged department were all told that we would never ride horses again.  And then we all discovered Paso Finos and proved all of our doctors completely wrong.  One of my clients just had a total hip replacement and can hardly wait for her next ride on her Paso.  I have many clients who are breeding, showing, and pleasure riding their Pasos.  All are thrilled with the sheer personality and ride of these great horses.

     Here I am riding Poeta.  He sold and went to a lovely lady up north.  

Paradise's commitment is to the promotion of the Paso Fino breed.  I specialize in matching the right horse to the right rider for the right fit.  I have a huge network of owners and breeders within the Paso Fino community and do my best to find just that one that you have dreamed of.  I have had so many other breeds of horses over the years, but I have never been so taken with a breed as a whole, that I sold everything else that I had and now ride only Pasos.  They are definitely a breed that will steal your heart (and your wallet).  

They are like Lay's potato chips.  You can't have just one.  They are the only breed that I have found where even the geldings seem to reproduce.  You might buy one gelding, and then magically when you look in the pasture the next time, there are two or three out there.  They either reproduce asexually or by osmosis, or, maybe it is the trance that you go into when looking at Paso Finos.  It is the "one more won't hurt" syndrome that is the downfall of every Paso Fino enthusiast.  Come and join the mania of the finest horse breed on the planet ... the Paso Fino!

I would be very happy to help find that special Paso Fino for you.  You can always look me up and find a list of current horses for sale through Paradise Paso Finos here on my website.  I have a large network of breeders and owners that I sell horses for.  So, if I don't have what you are looking for, I can usually find it for you.  


Jennie Williams